We are a leading supplier of products and services relevant to highway traffic management, data collection, and pavement maintenance technologies in Pakistan. With over 25 years of experience, NE’s ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) & Highways Division has specialized in advanced traffic control, weight enforcement, toll management, pavement testing, and maintenance technologies.

With representation from international manufacturers of great repute, we have come to offer the following products and services:

Key Products:
• Slow Speed Weigh-in-Motion (SSWIM) Scales
• Portable/ Mobile Weighing Systems (Dynamic/ Static)
• Full Deck Static Weighbridges (Platform Scales for Industry and Highways)
• Electronic Toll and Traffic Management Systems (ETTM)
• ITS Systems Electronics (iSINC™ Electronics)
• Traffic Counters and Classifiers
• Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS)
• RFID based Access Control Systems
• Structural – Falling Weight Deflectometer (LWD/FWD/FFWD/TMD/HWD/PAST)
• Functional – Road Surface Profilometer
• Friction – Road Friction/ Skid Resistance Testers
• Heavy Vehicle Simulator – HVS
• Laser Crack Measurement Systems (LCMS)
• Under Bridge Inspection Vehicle Systems (UBIV)
• Crack Sealing Equipment and Services for Asphalt and Concrete Pavements
• Ground Penetrating Radar

• Operation, Management and Maintenance (OM&M) of Weigh Stations
• Operation, Management, and Maintenance of ETTM Systems
• Highway Fine Collection Services on National Highways & Motorways of Pakistan

Our Principals:
• www.irdinc.com

• www.dynatest.com

• www.marathonequipmentinc.com

• www.tunaylar.com