Skybox Security – Understanding the Attack Surface


 Date: 21 May 2020 Thursday Time: 12:00 Hrs UAE (GST)


Vision 2021 is a long-term plan that aims to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world by the year 2021 when the UAE would celebrate the Golden Jubilee of its formation as a federation.  Stemming from this grand vision, there are strategic digital transformation initiatives such as Smart Dubai 2021, UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031,Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, UAE National Innovation Strategy and more. This means, cyber-competencies and cyber-capabilities needed to safeguard critical national services supporting these digital transformation journey have become very critical.

UAE’s National Cybersecurity strategy aims to create a safe and strong cyber infrastructure in the UAE that enables citizens to fulfill their aspirations and empowers businesses to thrive.

To help you realize your digital transformation goals with full  security compliance mandated by UAE Cyber Security laws, Skybox® Security and NETS International Communication are delighted to invite you to attend our Virtual Technical Workshop held on Wednesday, 21th May, where we will demonstrate how to:

  • Cybersecurity Governance & Audit: Detect security and compliance problems, leveraging various industry standard and custom policies
  • Zero-Touch Change Management: Centralize and automate firewall management across different vendors and complex rule sets
  • Network Visibility & Security: Unify policy management and visibility across physical, hybrid and multi-cloud networks
  • Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management: Use the risk-based approach to target remediation at exposed and exploitable vulnerabilities

Skybox and its world-class team have the solutions you need to ensure you can counter the increased threat during the World Cup. We look forward to your attendance at this technical workshop event.