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The economy is largely built on reliable power supply. A challenge is to keep the supply system stable and keeping the environmental conditions in a defined range is also an important task. Fortunately, there is a rapid expansion of intermittent renewable energy sources

What NE Power Solutions team can deliver?

  • Industrial DC Power Solutions with monitoring and Control
  • Industrial UPS solutions with Monitoring and Control
  • Data Center UPS & Rectifiers
  • Solar Power based solutions

Industrial DC Power Solutions with monitoring and Control

Continuous and comprehensive monitoring and management of constantly changing and expanding facility and IT infrastructure is key to ensure uptime and safeguard uninterrupted operation 24/7.

DC power solution is rugged and reliable, and ensures high availability DC power supply in all circumstances, even in the harshest environments and covers the below aspects as:
• modularity for optimized availability
• continuity to provide a continuous power supply to production processes
• N+1 redundancy
• Scalability to adapt to your future needs.


Industrial UPS solutions with Monitoring and Control

In industrial process today, reliability of equipment is very important. Power supply must be able to cater the need of industrial process. In case of power failure, backup power supply system must be able to support the main process plant. This is to ensure smooth operation and product quality. In order to do this, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system can be used to ensure the reliability, stability and consistency of the entire system. The system must be monitored and controlled in order to enable them to react accordingly in response to a fault or power failure.

Data Center UPS & Rectifiers

We offer first choice reliable rectifiers, chargers and DC power supply systems to meet the requirements of all types of industrial applications, operating in the toughest environments. Heavy duty design, proven microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology increases the availability, building block modular design and outdoor specific options are part of the characteristics of our comprehensive DC UPS series which can run on nickel-cadmium or lead-acid batteries

Solar Power based solutions

Operations team of professional engineers and project managers take a comprehensive approach to assure holistic, right-sized and integrated design, installation, and performance monitoring and reporting. We also take a proactive and thorough review of your energy usage and trends so that designs meet your long-range energy master plan and needs.

Through our years of solar experience, we understand that moving forward with solar energy solutions is an important decision. Performance Services is here to support you and your stakeholders in every way possible. The solar process should never be a burden on your organization, as we strive to make your facilities high performing and cost-effective.

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